The Game Experience

In this game, the idea is for a fast-paced and more tactical way of combat. I have added the concept of defenders retreating so to make the battle seem more realistic. As it did in the actual war, the Ardennes play a crucial role, along with the Maginot Line allowing the German player to have a surprise attack, but in a way that doesn't damage replayability. Tactical Combat cards keep the game from ever having the same outcome, as actual historical factors are thrown at both sides every turn that throw wrenches into player's plans. Speed is very important, as tanks, mech, and other units units move faster, strike harder and retreat quicker. The game only takes about 1 and a half hours to play and is different every time! .

I was born and raised on the shores of Port Huron, Michigan. When I was seven, I moved down to Texas and began to learn about world conquest via RISK. 

I am currently in the twelfth grade, and I enjoy playing football, basketball, bowling (its a sport), and tennis. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza and baked potatoes loaded with lots of butter. My favorite Axis and Allies game is Global 1940, but Axis and Allies 1942 2nd Edition is a pretty close second. 

Beyond just battling with the Axis and Allies figures, I also love to paint them as well. I started painting pieces about two years ago. The tank units are my favorite to paint as they look so real when they are done! My favorite paint schematic so far has been the German Afrika Korps. Their palm tree symbol was by far the most fun to recreate!   

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About Sean

Sean Michael (that's me!)

The Best Battles are Tank Battles! 

I chose The Battle of France 1940 because I like tanks. it is the first real tank battle in history and really defined the idea of mechanized warfare. The daring of taking tanks through the densest forest in France is fascinating. That the plan actually worked... is even more so. I designed this game because I wanted to recreate one of most epic tank battles of history. 

Axis and Allies Inspiration

Since I was young (I am sixteen now) I have battled and conquered the world many times over. I started with RISK at six but graduated to Axis and Allies (RISK on steroids) when I was ten. This game uses many Axis and Allies core concepts, and builds upon them. This game focus is much more narrow which gives a more detailed, tactical experience. It my hope that you will enjoy playing it as much as I do!