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The End of the Phony War


This is not America's fight. In fact, America was not even in the war until 1941, a full one and a half years after The Battle of France 1940. The Battle of France is the first great tank battle, and perhaps the first major battle of World War II. Of course, it wasn't called that at the time. People called it "Hitler's War" or "The Phony War." Perhaps it was Hitler's war, but it was far from phony. The exact opposite was the case, and the Wehrmacht was out to prove it. 

This was the proving grounds that Germany's panzer tanks were a mechanized force with which to be reckoned. In this game, you are Guiderian, or Charles De Gaulle, depending on your side. You get to make the decision—attack Dunkerque and cut off the British? How can you defend Paris against the ever-growing German army. Can you shape the world in a few short hours?

The Battle of France 1940  the game

The Ultimate Attack

No one suspected an attack from the Ardennes Forest. Everyone believed that the Maginot Line would be the ultimate defense against Germany. Heinz Guiderian was not "everyone." His mechanized warfare would define World War II. Can you redefine The Battle of France in a few short hours?